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Outdoor Study Group


We love Community Tables! If you ask around you will hear how much our tables mean to people as they are growing in relationship with Jesus and with each other.

These are not topical bible studies. Each table is reading through a book of the bible, chapter by chapter and taking time to dig deep into that scripture. This also makes it easy for people to join at any time. 

Community Table is a place where we practice together things we need to be taking into our homes. For instance, we read scripture and talk about it. As simple as that sounds, so much truth and revelation comes from it. What's even more exciting is that couples are taking the idea of Community Table into their homes with their spouses or children and walking through scripture as a family during the week.

At Community Table we also take time to do communion, bringing it back into the home, around a table, and in a smaller setting, teaching and showing families they can do the same in their home environment. 

We have several Community Tables offered in different cities and on different days and times giving people ample opportunity to join and be a part no matter their schedule.

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