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We are daily devoted followers of Jesus.

It's not about Sunday it's about the every day.



The greatest command Jesus gave us is to "Love the Lord Your God with all your heart, soul and mind and to love your neighbor as yourself." We are called to be daily devoted followers of Jesus, and to love those around us, this command is for every day.

Being devoted to knowing Jesus and His word is most important as we walk together and journey with the Holy Spirit through life.


Jesus' command to love your neighbor as yourself is lived out at Community Life Church by joining people on their journey through life and faith. We exist to bring people together and to teach them the love and truth of Jesus through relationship.


We all have people God has strategically placed in our lives and we have a responsibility to love these people through relationship, lived out in community.

Children Heaping Hands
Image by everett mcintire


We believe in reaching our communities. Community Life Church is filled with people and families from all over: from Monmouth, Independence, Dallas, to Salem, Keizer, and Corvallis, Albany. We have people in many cities and towns and throughout the valley.


We are about equipping the church to reach their communities. We have Community Tables offered in many areas and have a dream to see Tables grow and for those areas to eventually have another hub like we have in Monmouth for people to gather together to reach the lost and those seeking after the Lord.


Each Assemblies of God church looks a little different but we have these common traits; we are all Bible Based, Spirit Led, and Missions Focused. To learn more about the Assemblies of God follow this direct link, Assemblies of God
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