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Friends at the beach

Our relational guiding values are the guardrails to doing real life with people. We are passionate about seeing these values infused throughout the church body. 



Spend time together. Simple right? If you want to grow a friendship you need to take time to get to know them and share experiences with them. If you have a desire to do life with people then most likely you will need to initiate an invitation to coffee or create a game night. Get creative, but find ways to have proximity with people. You can't build relationships if you don't spend time together.  


To truly do life with someone and walk through the tough stuff in life, you yourself have to be vulnerable about challenges you are facing or have faced. It's a two way street. When we open up and are vulnerable it breaks down walls so we can truly journey together.


Life is so full and so fast that if we are not intentional it skates past us before we know it. We must be intentional. Try to connect with some of the people you are praying for in person a few times a month. Create a routine that works for you and that helps you cultivate these relationships.

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